Rainmagic Rain Repellent Gets Thruway Approval For Cameras N.Y. Thruway is Installing Rainmagic on Cameras

The Liquid Windshield Wiper

7/17/2012 – Rainmagic the only G.E. Lexan tested water based windshield rain repellent tested safe for Videolarm, Vicon, Sony, Raytheon, CCYV Domes and Harley-Davidson windshields .

N.Y. Thruway is installing Rainmagic on its cctv cameras.

This unique coating leaves a non-stick coating on domes that repels rain and dirt leaving domes cleaner longer.

By using Rainmagic it reduces cleaning cycles and helps with the ability to still see when it rains.

Rainmagics coating will last for up to one year without reapplication and drastically reduces false alarms in software analytics produced during rainy conditions.”Ninety percent of driving decisions are based on clear visibility. Rain Magic works like a magic rain repellent that is a windshield coating. Using Rainmagic rain repellent on windshields can cut reaction times in bad weather by one full second. When traveling at 60 Mph a second can equate to 100Ft which can mean the difference of avoiding or getting into an accident. Use it on cars, boats, CCTV lenses, Rainmagic rain repellent is the only G.E.Tested rain repellent for Harley-Davidson, Honda Gold Wing Windshields. Rainmagic will last for up to one year without reapplication. Rainmagic rain repellent windshield treatment contains no alcohol and is non-flammable and environmentally safe. Rain Magic The liquid windshield wiper, can keep you seeing great in any weather.


I just got it applied to my first cameras ( 20) and then we had 3 days of rain. It looks good so far. The water beaded up into nice tight drops on the domes then after awhile rolled off. Thanks

Ken Degroff Thruway.NY.gov


Rainmagic sells for $19.99


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