Rain Repellents for Car, Boat, and Motorcycle Windshields

Wanna See In The Rain

The Liquid Windshield Wiper Rain Repellents®

 “Ninety percent of driving decisions are based on clear visibility. Rain Magic works like a magic rain repellent that is a windshield coating. Using Rainmagic rain repellent on windshields can cut reaction times in bad weather by one full second. When traveling at 60 Mph a second can equate to 100Ft which can mean the difference of avoiding or getting into an accident. Use it on cars, boats, CCTV lenses, Rainmagic rain repellent is the only G.E.Tested rain repellent for Harley-Davidson, Honda Gold Wing Windshields. Rainmagic will last for up to one year without reapplication. Rainmagic rain repellent windshield treatment contains no alcohol and is non-flammable and environmentally safe. Rain Magic The liquid windshield wiper, can keep you seeing great in any weather. “Annually changing your wiper blades, as well as performing quick safety checks, can increase safety during inclement weather, especially during the winter months. It is that yearly reminder to change your blades that is vital to maintaining roadway visibility and there is no better reminder than Groundhog Day when people are already thinking of the weather. Try our buy 2 get 1 Free Rain Repellent Special offer from Rain Magic, and SEE for yourself! The difference is clear. Wanna see in the rain? Use Rain Magic, the windshield coating that works just like magic as the glass treatment that really works. It cleans and protects auto glass in one step. Similar glass repellents to Rainmagic have to haze over and then they are tough to remove. Rainmagic The Liquid Windshield Wiper with Rain Repellent wipes off just like a glass cleaner. A quick buff gives you Rainmagic’s world-famous streak-free shine.For the best results, use a clean Microfiber Waffle Weave Glass Towel to clean the glass. Wipe the glass in long stokes up and down, then side to side. Flip the towel and wipe the glass completely dry. Apply a second coat for optimal coverage.There are a lot of glass cleaners and rain repellents on the market, but none of them carry the Rainmagic name. Rainmagic has been creating detailing products for 18 years with the mission of saving time, increasing your productivity and improving the quality of your work. Rainmagic The Liquid Windshield Wiper Glass Cleaner with Rain Repellent contains a powerful glass cleaner that remove tough dirt, dust, sap, bird droppings, grease, adhesives, and fingerprints. It contains no dyes or foamy soaps. Rainmagic Rain Repellent leaves no streaks, just clean, clear glass.