Rain Repellents Give High Visibility At Sea

Visibility and rain repellent treatments and keeping your marine equipment and windshields from the dreaded enemy of salt build-up  has been a constant battle. Not any more!

Not only will your windshields be protected and clear as on a sunny day, but almost Any surface on your marine equipment visibility can be protected against the ravages of marine exposure to salt and the elements with RainMagic rain repellents.

Professionals and manufacturers alike choose RainMagic rain repellent for protection that does not damage the surfaces it protects! RainMagic is the answer for longer lasting results at sea.

 RainMagic works excellent on all types of water craft from power boats to jets ski.


Rainmagic’s unique marine rain repellent formula leaves a non stick coating on marine windows that keeps salt spray and dirt from sticking make windows easier to clean  and last for weeks. 

  •  Easy to apply
  •  Water based formulas 
  •  Non-flammable
  •  16oz bottle
Rainmagic products are used as Oem equipment by manufactures like Horizon Yachts.

The LA/LB Harbor Safety Plan (HSP) contains operating procedures for vessels. All of
the procedures are considered Best Maritime Practices, but some are Regulations (either
Local, State or Federal) while others are non-regulatory “Standards of Care” (Regulations
are shown in bold). These Vessel Operating Procedures have been extracted from the
main text of the HSP in order to create a helpful “Quick Reference Guide” containing the
most important information necessary for safe, reliable and environmentally sound vessel
movements in and around the port area. These Vessel Operating Procedures list only the
basics; additional and more detailed information can be found in HSP Chapters addressing
each topic.

Stay in control. Practicing responses to simulated emergency situations under safe conditions can reduce emotional impact and increase chances of correct performance. The driver who knows what to do in an emergency is more likely to stay in control,Driving in dense fog can feel like driving while wearing a blindfold. Objects, such as other vehicles or traffic signals, may not be visible until the last moment – sometimes too late to take proper corrective action.

The two most important safety measures when you encounter fog are to slow down